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Wayward - Thirty Three [Beats Of No Nation]

Aside for being a pal of the channel and not to mention an insanely talented producer in his own right, Jad & The finds it within his tirelessly generous soul to gift to y'all with radio show come label, Beats of No nation (@beatsofnonationradio). Well, good news; BONN's stellar series "Dances Ideas" is back and bad with its fourth instalment featuring Wayward, SEVADER, Adonidia and Metropolitan Soul Museum.

Lucky for us, we're featuring London-based producers, @Waywarduk, who open the compilation with 'Thirty Three' - a typically dreamy house track, showcasing the duo's production prowess with characteristically tight percussion, accompanied with beautifully mixed ethereal nuances. The release as a whole is wonderfully diverse yet keeping the dancefloor at the heart of it all - make sure you grab a copy!