ville nouvelle


Ultra cool Paris based label, Ville Nouvelle is ran by two pals and architecture alumni's, Boris and Théophile - whose mutual love for both record digging and art, sparked their desire to propel their sonic depiction into cassette players, worldwide. Their artistic nous is transmitted through both their music and artwork, with each of their beautiful releases featuring a connection with a different graphic artist.

Funnily enough, “Ville Nouvelle” is an architectural term - describing new cities built on uninhabited land. This reflects their aesthetic and this mix perfectly, exploring undiscovered sonic avenues of a newly thriving metropolis. Starting off with 5am hazy ambience and gathering pace as it unfolds, this enchanting hour long mixtape elapses just as a summer's day would in a concrete jungle - hues and saturation intensifying as noon hits - textures and shadows darkening as dusk deepens.