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Verner - Refuge [Axe On Wax]

Fresh in via serial offender solid record vendor, Axe on Wax is Verner with something a little askew from the norm at AOW HQ. With early support from the likes of Eclair Fifi, OR:LA and Peach, this is likely to be one of those that lasts long in the muscle memory of cue fingers around the globe.

Similar to his offering on Nachtbraker's Quartet series, Verner's work surmises to a considered collection of tracks, each sporting a heavy dose of funk - with this features Debby Coke EP flaunting equal levels of grit. 'Refuge' pays sonic homage to that familiar glitchy organic summery sound that those such as Jack J made so loveable. Corker of a record ~ make sure you cop via the link below.