The Golden Filter

Stepping in are, The Golden Filter fka. Penelope and Stephen, who go way beyond that of a regular DJ duo. In a near-band realm, their previous hits such as ‘Talk Talk Talk’ and 'Solid Gold' flirt with classic chorus-verse structures yet combine with a retro-future juxtapositional aura which give their tracks that distinct hallmark. 2019 continues to prove another busy year for GF, who have just released two EPs, ‘Dislocation’ on their own label 4GN3S and ‘Restraint’ on Dischi Autunno, with more on the horizon and no signs of slowing down.

The guys deliver a full hour and a half of electro flecked, space aged, Mercury level planetary heat, with vast meandering loops between genres and timezones. A real cosmic astroid of a mixtape, gathering in furious momentum as it rolls.

Keep your eye’s peeled for TGF’s forthcoming LP, Autonomy, out now. For a little taster, check the rip-roaring ‘infinity’ below.