Helming his ‘Good Place’ residency at one of his city's most prominent late night musical hubs, “Sneaky Pete’s”, while conjuring fire on own imprint TLFT, Edinburgher(erer), @Telfort has been simmering beneath the surface for a hot minute now.

Following debut release ‘In A Good Place’ and his recent, marvellously named release ‘Lickety Split’, Telfort has received a backing from a host of huge names (from Hunee, to Move D) and made cosmic reverberations around the YouTube and Soundcloud sonisphere.

Akin to his residency and debut release, this mixtape provides another peek into Telfort’s self-coined ‘Good Place’. Encapsulating the bliss of a Saturday, this mix sports the pre-storm morning calm, a dusty summers afternoon, the punch of 11pm Buckfast fuelled glucose spikes and the tasty splurge of a 5am munchie box - just minus the Sunday morning regret.

Although clearly a fictional reflection, this hourish long mix brimming with exclusives and rewinds, is a place we wouldn't mind copping an open ended return and staying for a while - Only if Telfort would let us of course.