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We caught up with the talented, Supreems and requested he stepped inside our illusive yet established figment of the sonisphere, the FH mix machine. Upon his fair request for more details of the the wherabouts and safety of this excursion we then told him an hour or so mix, emailed across would suffice. The above is what we received, via digital channels, and share with you, via digital channels. Apart from the obvious gratification we get from such a succinct, tech focussed interaction, our gratification levels reached overdrive when we downloaded the accompanying file.

Over at Four Heads HQ we like mixes which accomplish a lot, we like to drift from tune to tune, we like to feel challenged by different tones and textures. Sure, we think variety is key – who doesn’t? What is life without change? Who knows. Please appreciate the breadth of selection and don’t feel embarrassed if your mind is lulled into not recognising where one genre ends and begins. Special mention to the honorary Kano appearance, we didn’t know East London grime mixes with Jazz, but then who would, apart from the man behind the mixtape control booth.