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Sune - Lingonberry Jam [Live Ones]

Sune steps forward to provide a fourth EP for Lorca’s Live Ones. With his Mimosa Kuriosa EP he serves up 5 masterful disco and soul inflected rhythms that’ll hit all the right spots.

Having previously provided his signature sunshine grooves for Better Listen, Kyoku and his own Honey Butter imprint, Sune is fast building a reputation as a prolific purveyor of funk.

The EP shows off Emil Sunesson’s ear for playful samples and infectious grooves. Dusty, heady drum programming features heavily across all five tracks, employed subtly on the laid back ‘Bring Some Tea’ while unleashed to devastating effect on the upbeat ‘The Way U Make Me Feel’.

There’s something for everyone on this versatile, enigmatic EP from a talented young producer that we’re sure you’ll be seeing plenty more of in time to come.