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San Proper - Your Call [Sound of Vast]

Sound of Vast, headed up by Tokyo’s Knock and Berlin-based artist Red Pig Flower has grown to be become a highly respected imprint in underground House & Techno over the past few years. Exploring a ‘vast’ range of styles, which is where the name comes from, the imprint has welcomed revered producers onto the label’s catalogue such as Vid aka Egal 3, The Mole, Soichi Terada, Wareika and many more. Here though we see the focus on the core family as well as some new additions, celebrating the artists involved over the past five years and looking towards the future with some fresh, hotly tipped acts. This project also sees a new design concept for the imprint from London’s David Surman’s painting installation project ‘Paintings For The Cat Dimension’ which ‘’explores the motif of the cat as emblematic of internet aesthetics, a place where all painting styles and modes now exist non-hierarchically as pure information.’’

Kicking off the third instalment of the series is San Proper’s ‘Your Call’, a robust yet dream house workout fuelled by choppy bass hits, fluttering synth licks and a shuffled analogue drum groove. Barcelona based trio Triad follow with ‘Room N’, a hypnotic house cut fuelled by ethereal chord swells, modulating percussion and vacillating bass tones.