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Sally C is the next artist to take the controls of the mix ship. Yes, when she’s not busy playing at WHP, supporting Sulta Selects nights or Bicep, she has the time (somehow) to take the FH mix machine for a spin. Honestly if you haven’t been rippled by the seismic movements made recently by this artist then just stop and have a hard look at yourself, mate.

We’ve engaged heavily with some of her mixes doing the rounds online quite voraciously, and think we know what to expect from the output: no messin’ grooves, big room poppin’ beats and masterful unearthing of somehow never heard 80s and 90s slap up house bangers. This mix sums that trifecta up so, so well, but with added oommppff. Its the sort of mix that has high ‘transportation qualities’ - as we write this, at head office, with the rain hitting the window, looking over our quarterly sales figures, we only hope that we were heads down, immersed in flashing lights, after hours in a semi disreputable venue in an unfamiliar part of town. Heaven.