salary boy



“All killer, no filler” may be the title of Sum 41’s debut album, but also fits pretty well in describing this mix. Utterly rammo of just pure jammers - can make a fella (even when sat in an office environment, uploading this mix, fairly bored) start grinning for no apparent reason.

A sentiment Salary Boy can probably identify with, not only an illustrious DJ and producer (with releases forthcoming on Mall Grab’s Steel City Dance Discs) he clocks into the office Monday-Friday, deals with Tina from account's shite, AND holds down a weekend job at Lobster Records.

The mix opens with an XcLuSiVe Salary Boy track for the heads, and what follows is an array of heavily sampled, heavily playful, low-fi bliss. (Low-fi is not a dirty word, guys). We've fallen head over heels for the London based Swede, and we just might think you will too.