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Salary Boy - On the Other Foot [Sour Edits]

Sour Edits is rolling into town again for the fourth instalment of what, can only be described as another dose of vibey (yuk) bangers (yuk). Two words perhaps over used, almost platitudes but sum up the tone of just head nodding, foot tapping goodness, which this label embodies so well.. This one is a VA Featuring Salary Boy, Marcin Krupa, Kayroy and RUADH. And we've been lucky enough to feature Salary Boy's 'On the Other Foot'.

Salary Boy seems to incite such an infectious sound, so much so that we find ourselves coming back to tunes from his past, weeks, months or even years later and derive the same joy which was so intoxicating on first listen. Probably why we've managed to get two mixes from him, and some of his prems are always floating round our SC spotlight. If the shoe was on the other foot you'd probably do the same though? Judging by this current output, we'd probably be safe to assume so.