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salary boy

We’ve been watching @salaryboy from afar fondly for quite a time now. Rest assured, its not in a strange capacity - just one of adoration and appreciation - the normal, professional amount. The shrewd of you may have noted this love affair, and would be forgiven for feeling Deja Vu-esque tendencies.

This is not our first meeting. Salary Boy steps into our Four Heads lair to engage the Soundcloud machine for a second time, having conquered the beast 10 months ago in our original engagement; he now has an even more intimate knowledge in how to excite and marshall her to produce vibrations within the audible range, and so forth there has hatched a mix.

A lots changed since our last time together- Salary Boy’s rise has been exponential, the Four Heads lair stays modest but respectable. But, it’s that sound remains that remains the same, and unchanged. The groove infused, can’t help but daydream of memories been, and experiences to come, tap your foot goodness which keeps you hooked. Fact is - we can’t get enough of it.

Catch the working man on @steelcitydancediscs monthly Netil Radio show! (3rd thursday 9-11pm), and anticipate big releases from labels such as Steel City Dance Discs, Shadow City Records, and Astropical Tapes.