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S3A - First Day With Lucien [Dirt Crew Recordings]

After S3A’s “Deep Love” contribution last year we are stoked to present you this great collection of music! Coming from the French underground S3A aka Max Fader is absolutely no stranger to the scene. With releases on Local Talk, Quartet Series and his own “Sampling As An Art records” he is deeply rooted in House, Hip Hop, Disco, Soul and Funk serving residencies at Paris clubs “Concrete” and “REX” he has become a local favourite as well with his DJ and Live sets. We are more than excited to release this special debut album that showcases some older and recent work, with live acoustic songs from early 2017 recorded at the Paris “Red Bull Music” studios to new sample based House and Disco infused tracks in the signature “S3A” style we got to love so much in recent years.