Long overdue in the FH control room is Brighton based Valencian, Pépe - someone who has been on our Radar as 'one to watch' since our channels inception. And one to watch he has certainly been with a string of stellar releases in the past year on crowd favourite imprints @lobster-theremin, @renascence9293 and @inrecords-1 - all of which packing enough clout to topple a 50ft, roided up Tyson Fury.

Something to note about Pépe is that as well as his production quality, his sound has remained consistent. Highly percussive, raw and hard-hitting yet intricate, subtle and at times beautiful. His mix for us mirrors his production style - this time around bringing in the darker and steelier textures of dance music's tapestry. High mechanical energy from front to back - this ain't' one to drift off in your hammock too.

Give @pepmanpepe a follow if you don't already.