Peach - a ubiquitous variety of schnapps as well as one of our favourite DJ's of the year, steps into the FH control room for an hour(ish) of dancefloor mastery. With no productions (yet 👀) to speak of, Peach has forged a name through her DJing prowess via her Radar Radio show "Snacktime" and while more recently with appearances on the bill alongside the likes of DJ Fett Burger, Hidden Spheres and Jackmaster in December.



Her bow astrung with plenty of strings, the London based Canadian has it in her locker to deliver in a number of ways; whether it be stonking, ripping-rawness or silky-smooth pearliness - her mixes provide an ever encyclopedic voyage into dance music. Not wavering from this sentiment, her mix for FH lies on the more chilled side of her repertoire - awash with soft sonic waves licking the shore of the floor.