It feels like Leeds born-and-bred, LK aka @LeeKonitz aka Viers aka Jordan Saxton (gasps for air)... has been around for donkeys years now, with about as many digits in pies as he does monikers. The initials of his LK alias remain etched into the school desks of many-a club music enthusiast through several stellar outings on label Shall Not Fade as well as his outstanding offerings under the slightly darker pseudonym, Viers. It doesn’t stop there - Jordan also co-helms Hokkaido Dance Club; an imprint who have championed the likes of Baltra, Ray Kandinsky and Mall Grab - to name a few.

Despite his heavy involvement with the rawer side of club music and his penchant for a pumper - Jordan’s taste in music sprawls from soulful jazz and disco to techno and house, which is reflected in this mixtape's selection. On LK’s whistle-stop tour, you gaze out the train window. Look at the fields, how they seem so boundless, let your vessel snake through the landscape into the cities. And, impress upon yourself the dichotomy of urban/rural life: funny how a journey can encompass so much in the space of an hour.