The genre defying aesthetic of Omena is perfectly encapsulated with this cosmic trawl through label head @Tooli’s inner musical sanctum. Fuck genres, fuck classification - just focus on what’s good, wise words for musical guidance and perhaps even to live by.

Never a dull moment throughout the mix; the breadth of styles are tantalising, and would keep even the most passive listeners wanting more. It keeps you guessing, yet is still familiar, it’s a perplexing but enjoyable feeling, slide on in.

Lot’s on the horizon for the label (not sure where T gets the time, what with running Local Talk, and being a DJ in his own right). You may have seen @hnny's release ‘Ta Paus’ drop this week, and @pontymython, Saine, Lancelot and @sebwildblood to name a few incoming over the next few months. You should keep a close eye xxx

If you haven't already, check out omena here: @omena-records.

Listen to HNNY's latest beautiful release 'Ta Paus' on Omena here: 
Hnny – Till-dig 
Purchase here:…p?pid=117759