peur bleue


First in on our shiny new and ingeniously named 'Label Series' is French born, Peckham based imprint, Peur Bleue.

According to both google translate and label co-honcho, Anatole, Peur Bleue literally translates in French as "scared blue" which basically means "Shit Scared" (Gulp). Anatole aka Gohan, runs the label with his brother, Jeremie, who is also responsible for the labels arresting visual style. The evolution of Peur Bleue has been one of irregular trajectory. Initially intended as a blog, PB’s transition to a label spawned from Anatole’s quest to release his first LP release via his alias Gohan. ‘Peur’ soon became PB001 which then snowballed into a wealth of releases, each puzzling together Anatole and Jeremie’s unique sonic vision.

WARNING: Step on eggshells this mix does not, so for all the more delicate heads we advise turning the landing lights on prior to pressing play.

Dark synths and haunting ambient noises have been a trademark of Peur Bleue ’s sound, which of course this mix offers up in spades. These darker moments are interspersed however with more placid tracks, showcasing the label’s more sensitive side. There are moments of beautiful harmony, the creation and mix of which shows attention to craft and technical dexterity. Overall, the good cop - bad cop tune selection makes this a colourful and thoroughly enjoyable listen.