The phrase “needs little introduction” is bandied around all over the shop, this time however it really does fit pretty well. xxxy, (yes, the very same @xxxy who has been defining and refining galvanic house for the last 8 years) has recorded a mix for our series. Simply put, when this mix landed in our inbox, it propelled us into the stratosphere.

Keeping with the galactic theme, do you remember when Matthew McConaughey was floating around in the 4th dimension in interstellar? In many ways this mix is very similar: Rather than bending space-time and gravity to create a portal into another world, xxxy has cosmically welded together dance floor grooves and unearthly analog textures into an hour and a bit of utter mastery. Rather than floating around the inside of a Black Hole you’re actually just gliding from tune to tune, incredibly effortlessly and enjoyably - A testament to the man’s pedigree and seamless mixing ability.

If this incredibly specific metaphor is lost on you, the mix is really fucking good so just press play. Also, watch Interstellar.