MInimal Violence.jpg

Minimal violence

We’ve heard legend of extra terrestrial guardians who's aim to help and guide us, their delivery mechanism - sound, their target - the inner cortex of the brain. Having spent the last couple of months piecing together their message through pieces of code dotted around various websites, and garbled, half shredded messages into our dm’s we finally managed to receive a fully formed package containing the file we needed.

All we know about it’s origin is that its inhabitants are not like us mere mortals. Sinew replaced with sleek un-rippling steel, muscle with wrought iron and dark metal in place of our simple biology. You can learn more about this place when you listen to the mix, it makes sense.

Thank you @minimalviolence for melting dimensions and worlds to create this quick-acting capsule, which can be digested in an hour.

You can catch the duo playing Peckham's Rye Wax on the 24th of March, and keep a very close eye out for a single that may or may not be dropping around May time!