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LUZ1E - SOLITVDE [Lobster Theremin]

Lobster Theremin - a label which quite literally needs no introduction, have paved a path in the 'scene' (yuk) ever since their inception. They have quite a few releases under their belts now, and we welcome the introduction of new main label artist and Frankfurt talent @l-v-z-1-e.

Hey you, come over here! Do you like hard hitting Electro? You're nodding. Do you like machine driven rhythms and concussive beats which shake your very spine. You crack a wry smile, and nod faster. Do you like the subtle interplay between Acid-y synth lines and no shit takin' melodic blips. Your nodding reaches a crescendo. Great - are being washed in a wave of creamy synths whilst cocooned in all of the above your bag? PLEASE stop nodding, start pressing play and enjoying.