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Louf - Times Were Simpler [Silver Bear]

After a few smatterings and teasing’s of his ability and musical nous via his own Valby Rotary, Thirty Year, Rodeo and a cameo on Seb Wildblood’s, All My Thoughts; @LouisFitton is back. This time on Radio One DJ, Rob da Bank's independent dance imprint, @Silver-Bear-Recordings with his stunning 5 cut record, 'Times Were Simpler'.

With the tracks title harking back to simpler times that have gone by, Louf aptly achieves fusing textures of nostalgia on to the characteristically steely twists and joints of his percussion. As the melody prevails, the metallic snares and accompanying nuances swing and envelop, ensuring the dance provides the engine beneath the full 8.02 minutes. Emblematic of Louf and his Valby compatriots style, the wistful mood of the track is at the centre of the tracks aura, emanating melancholic atmosphere that yet remains optimistic. If only times were simpler, eh.