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The templars have marauded far and wide. We have travelled with them, learned their secrets, understood their ways and ultimately brought back a bounty that every mortal human desires. How did we transport such precious cargo so far you may ask? Soundcloud. Packaged up by master craftsman & Live Ones label head: Lorca, who we met and befriended on our travels, and then shared with you. It’s fortunate we made this trip of our free will, it was perilous but ultimately worth it. Such tones in the mix are far reaching and cosmic. The effortless flitting between melody and timbre the perfect companion for any traveller. Listening can go some way to explain Lorca’s otherworldly influences, and hints of our journey for this prize.

Support @lorcamusic and be sure to keep a close eye on his label @liveones, as good music is incoming, we assure you!