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JVXTA - Dive Theme [Distant Hawaii]

JVXTA first crept into our sub-conscious, set up his laptop and opened Ableton with his first flutter on Hardmatter, which he soon followed up with his return and their second release. As easy as it is for an artist to slip your mind in this ever transient sonic world - especially a new one - his tightly wrapped dark techy tones and tricky-to-crack acronym made JVXTA a difficult name to forget.

This one’s on our favourite dance-floor crustaceans lil’ sis, ‘Distant Hawaii’ – showcasing JVXTA’s production versatility with a Jekyll and Hyde front & flip. ‘Dive Theme’ is on the flip, which flaunts the darker side of his armoury. Steely cityscape tones echo between the looming scrapers, dusk is nigh but the burgh never sleeps. Is it 5am or 5pm - no one knows but we keep moving.