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JVXTA - Brawn (Cinthie's Jack Be Quick Mix) [Homage]

Straight outa' Brooklyn, we have a spanking new offering from Homage. The 6th foray already for these guys now, the ever prolific NY based outfit rolls out a four track remix EP of their previous release with JVXTA, hosting a full squadron of dedicated corporals on remix duty; @Cinthie with both on the front and @BlackLoops and @k2kokay holding things down on the flip.

We're Premiering Cinthie's, 'Jack Be Quick' mix which is one of two classic house inspired stompers, making up the energetic and club ready A-side. The 'Jack Be Quick' mix is the darker haunt on the record, with growling lower vibrations, matched by the eager 909's and that familar vocal from the original
. It's all very moreish to be honest! - thank Cinthie, we'll be copping.