SUSAN006 Artwork b-side.png

Jeans - Lul Geen Kalmite (X-Coast Remix)[Who's Susan]

"It's been a while Suze - you're looking more beautiful than ever" we utter, audibly nervously as the door slams open off it's hinges, nothing but blinding white light and the sonic textures of her most recent offering gradually crescendoing and filling up the room. "JEANS" she booms, shattering the glass from our hands. "errm, are they new?" we stutter - the music now growing inhumanly loud. The light is vacuumed back through the door, the room is now silent and dully lit - a strange square shaped package is left in the middle of the room. We tear it open - "Ah, it's Jeans' new EP out on Whos Susan".

After all that drama, we put the record on and chose which track to share with you. This was X-Coast's beastly remix, which is about as gagging for 'the club' as your 18 year old self, wearing your older brothers black winkle pickers draped with blue raw denim, foying of a Paco Rabanne gift set. The party is here everyone. Thanks once again, Suze.