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Jackson Almond - Like I Used To [Curve Records]

@jacksonalmond 's Take The Time EP on newly born @curverecs presents a collection of works by Jackson Almond that have been years in the making.

Produced through experimentation with a medley of old analogue gear, the EP is built with a library of sounds completely unique to Jackson. As a result, these tracks are drenched in hazy, warm vibes that you won't hear anywhere else.

Get it here:…ecords/155936

'Twelve 4/4' is everything you associate with it's creators past creations. Considered and temperate yet punchy and deep; and as ever, infused with about as many jazzy nuances as Duke Ellington's trumpet oil (a lot, surely?). The record as a whole and 'Twelve 4/4' in isolation provides a little respite from what appears to be a fairly raw and club driven sonic landscape right now. Drift away into the hazy blue on your palm raft with this one - Mañana Mañana.