With a professional career spanning over 20 years, and releases dating back to 1996; we chatted to Gregory to discuss all things staying relevant and remaining at the forefront of the underground scene. The most recent output from Gregory saw a remix compilation released from self-titled imprint ‘Point G’; featuring interpretations from an array of esteemed producers close to him - giving their take on many of the choice cuts from the Point G back catalogue.

First things first, thanks for talking to us. Talk us through the new release, and specifically why a remix compilation?

Hi Glad to be here, the thing is, I’m usually not so fond of getting remixers in with new material but I love the idea of remixing music as long as it's going to bring a new angle to a track that’s been played for a while. It’s kind of cool to create this synergy between DJ’s / Producers that don’t necessarily hang together that much. We did a release party @ Concrete in Paris recently and everybody on the bill and compilation got along so well, the crowd could feel that during the night big time.

So for this project I really wanted the producers to pick some cuts from the Point G catalogue and also in order to put a cherry on the cake. I did propose to a few ones to remix something that is not out and will be released later after the remixes, there s a 3 volume on vinyl so far the digit comes after and then I'll be releasing a full package with more goodies, in between For the summer I’ll put out remixes by I cube , Satoshie Tomie, jay ka and a few more.

How did you go about choosing the artists for the remix?

It went very smoothly to be honest, everyone involved is people that I know personally very well, there s a lot of French acts for sure and I wanted to have a wide spectrum of sounds and styles rather than stick to one specific style.

Your most recent set was at Club Vaag, talk us through the gig - what track did you start with, and what did you end with? (if you can remember)

I did a live set at Club Vaag and started with “Try To Fight “ which I released a while ago and then finished with a forthcoming remix of an unreleased track called “Demonia” that I wanted to test.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-18 at 07.41.29.jpeg

How did that set contrast from the gigs you were playing at Clubs in France such as Rex, & Wanderlust over 15 years ago?

I’ve been playing as a DJ since the beginning of the French scene it’s only 6 years ago that I decided to relaunch the Point G sound that has been silent for more than 10 years with a Live set, which was brand new to me , I first had to find a way to feel comfortable with it all.

You’re set to play under your Dj Gregory alias in France later this month, despite recent releases coming via your Point G alias and self-titled imprint. Firstly, how do you differentiate the two live acts?

Gregory is always a Dj set and has more a variety of sounds where Point G is more raw and Basic and most of the time presented as a Live act.

Check out the Point G mix below:

Point G.jpg

Has the differentiation between the two live acts become more apparent over the years? Do you feel playing as DJ Gregory gives you a license to play older music?

The promoters who want Point G are into that type of vibe and when they book Gregory they know what to expect and they know the difference. It’s really not that often that I say to a club that they should book this specific alias, I think once you’ve reached the point of planning a party you know what you desire stylistically.

You’re a key underground player in the French house scene, a scene synonymous with innovating dance music. Looking at the scene today, do you still think the countries producers and DJ’s are pushing boundaries and setting standards?

These past ten years electronic music literally had a huge boom, due to the rise of the internet and I would say it’s certain DJ’s and producers in every country that are pushing the boundaries and setting the standards rather than a specific one, there’s a lot of incredible forward-thinking music coming out all the time from France and beyond.

What are your favourite French Artists?

Lately I really like what Leo Pol is doing, according to me he has one of the best live sets around, the track I piked to the left is a track he did a while ago under an alias.

Also Mad rey and the whole D.KO crew are really a breath of fresh air for me, I picked his latest track Alfa , which merges both an old and new school aesthetic, a must have.

Lastly, what else can we look out for from Point G records & DJ Gregory?

I’m finishing some new Point G tracks for the summer, also a few more remixes are coming from I Cube, Satoshi Tomiie, Jay Ka, Delphine Dores, plus a few more are about to come out to complete the Remix compilation, regarding DJ Gregory there s gonna be new material this year I’m just working on it.

Thanks to Gregory for an insightful chat and make sure you look out for new, Point G and DJ Gregory material. Don’t sleep and follow his Soundcloud here.

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