We spoke to Hidden Spheres about what makes him tick, what's next and his general uninhibited, unadulterated thoughts on "stuff". We gleaned insights so great we had to copy onto a scroll then translate onto the web. 

Hey Tom! first and foremost, cheers for taking the time to chat and for putting this mixtape together for us. Quite the breadth of styles and vibes in just an hour! Talk us through your selection for this one?

Thanks for asking me to contribute :) I spent some time picking out records that have been in my bag recently, things that i have been playing out and also couple of new bits, classics and exclusive one too.. it took a couple of goes to get this sounding cohesive.. I’ve had a plumber in all week ripping out my old bathroom which was a fairly tricky environment to record in. I found myself beat matching to his hammering rather than the kick drums a couple of times but it got there in the end.

Tough one but what’s your go-to ‘happy place’ tune - or your desert island mp3 if you will?

At the moment I seem to reach for John Martyn albums a lot… after gigs when i want to chill, transatlantic sessions is particularly nice.

‘Waiting’ is genuinely one of our FAVOURITES. How psyched where you when it started all coming together in the studio?  

Thank you, that means a lot. Hmm, well it was a while ago now so it’s hard to put myself back in that spot, but i do remember feeling buzzed once all the tracks were finished and signed and the response to that record still blows me away now.

The one and only 'Waiting' was the debut release on Lobster Theremin's, Distant Hawaii.

Talk us through your set up? Are you a hardware nerd or do you keep it simple?

Bit of both really, few bits of hardware (drum machines, synths etc) nothing too fancy. I record a lot of acoustic things like percussion and vocals. I do a mixture of writing in the studio and just on my laptop wherever i am and whenever the mood hits 


Whats your most recent played Spotify/soundcloud/itunes tune? (Whichever platform you tend to use)

Probably the new Will DiMaggio one i opened the mix with.

How do you go about discovering new music? And who is your newest discovery in the sonisphere?

Lots of record shopping, recommendations from friends, promos from Artists/labels, radio,  clubs, DJ’s , online digging.. pretty much any way that you can discover music i think. A lot of my day is spent on the look out for things i haven’t heard before.

Not exactly a discovery but I’ve been spending a lot of time going through Frankie Knuckles production credits/and remix work the man was so prolific I had only previously scratched the surface.

Let’s talk about Fruit Merchant. Has running your own label always been the plan? Anything exciting coming up?

It wasn’t really a plan until Jimmy from Lobster Theremin suggested it, now it’s my love child, monthly NTS show and occasional party! FM003 test pressings have been approved for an EP by Native Cruise should be out in July… it’s awesome! 

Any exciting gigs coming up? What’s you’re FAVORITE type of gig to play and any FAVORITE venues to mention?

I have a really nice run of shows and festivals coming up this summer which I’m really looking forward to! A particular highlight I’m sure will be Château RW9. It's in a beautiful mansion in France over a weekend in June with an amazing bunch of artists and I get to play with my mate and Fruit Merchant designer Manuel Fischer.

I love it when i get to play a party for a big stretch of time or even better is all night long... got one of those coming up and its also in one of my favorite places, Corsica on the 8th June.

Finally, What’s the Kegworth scene saying? 

Haha, in the village probably not a lot, but the amount of talent around now from some of my schoolmates growing up is pretty amazing 

Check out Hidden Spheres mixtape for us below!

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