We spoke to Dan Shake, party starter DJ and producer who’s movements of the last 5 years have been making seismic rifts around everywhere good and pure in the scene. Find out what makes the man tick below:

We’ve heard about your infamous dimensions story involving a certain Detroit legend aka Moodyman and a set of burnt CDs which resulted in your first release, Crazy stuff; and playing devil's advocate here, but what do you think would have happened if you didn’t find yourself next to Moodyman on stage all those years ago?

Oh that’s a good question - I have no idea! I never planned to be a DJ, it sorta just happened. In fact, I didn’t know how to DJ until after the release - I got chucked straight in the deep end! I’d like to think i’d still be doing something creative though… 

Any tips for young aspiring producers wanting to get their music out there? Have you had anyone approach you creatively for your label which impressed you?

Yes lots of impressive music at the moment! One guy called Tech Support has been sending me a solid stream of great tracks. I’d say a big tip is to go and talk to people, I get sent so much music these days that you can get lost in promo's, but as soon as you put a face to a track it usually goes to the top of my pile.

You seem to be one for pushing yourself pretty hard (Infamously you went from first learning to mix to a first vinyl-only gig in months, not years and you quickly moved on to setting up a label) do you think this is the most important trait of ‘breaking through’ for an artist?

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Haha yes it all seemed to happen quite quickly! Pushing yourself is not the most important trait, but it definitely helps. Aside from the music itself i’d say persistence is a useful trait, it sounds cheesy but don’t give up, keep learning, practicing etc.

Since those years ago you’ve done nothing but grow and grow, featuring on loads of great lineups with some tasty B2Bs - what are your favourite types of shows?

Ooo that’s a tough one, I like the variety to be honest. Too much of the same gets boring. Obviously big festival stages are fun to play, but they’re not very personal, it can be hard to connect to the crowd sometimes. My favourite gigs have always been smaller clubs where you’re really on a level with the crowd, like a house party.

Your tour schedule this year seems to be pretty full on, do you ever find it tiring to gig that hard?

It can be very tiring yes, but I try to look after myself when I have 3-4 shows a week. No drinking, eat healthily, get as much sleep as possible in the short time you have.

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How do your approach and prepare for each gig?

If I’m honest , I never plan too heavily for a show - my USB is very organised so I know where everything is when I need it. I think its better (and more exciting) for me to not really know what i’m going to play, or what the crowd is going to want. But also, it's very important to know what to play at the right time!

Talk us through your new release - some new Acid-y tones which we haven’t heard before? How do you envisage the ‘shake’ sound evolving over time? 

I don’t think i’ll evolve as such, more touch on other genre’s maybe. I like variety in an artist, kinda like my DJ sets... a bit all over the place.

Thanks to Dan for humouring us, and don’t sleep in 2019 as we’ve been assured the DJ and producer has lots in the pipeline.

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