hugo mari

Next in is someone who has been on the FH radar for a minute now. Hugo Mari, previously know as 'Books', has been making serious steps of late with a 2019 stellar release on Detroit Swindle's Heist Recordings, however, his success isn't solely exclusive of the recent alias transcendence. As Books, he carved his path with a sharp ear for a sampled hook and a penchant for jazz infusion on outlets such as Omena and XVI; 'Memphis' for example being a jam we regularly revisit on a hazy Sunday (link at the bottom).

Hugo's hour for us really reflects and expounds his his active DJ career on London's club circuit; an accomplished blend of the dance-floors array of flavours - all at a scintillatingly post 12am pace. Some you'll knowingly be bopping your head along to accompanied by a wry smile and a few calling out for an ID, so keep it locked.