HORST, a Belgian music and arts festival taking place inside a 15th-century castle in the Hageland hills this September. Set on the stunning grounds of a medieval castle and its surrounding woodland, aside from the spectacular musical programming, what sets Horst apart from other festivals is the full art programme and cooperation with new architects whom they invite to design the stages and transform the festival site. Last year Turner Prize winners Assemble studio built and designed the main stage - and this year they invite new gen Tokyo based architecture firmAtelier Bow Wow to do the same. They also invite a long list of artists onsite to reimagine the medival castle location into something new - a pretty spectacular site.

In celebration of the HORST Arts & Music Festival’s fifth & final edition, an anonymous resident DJ gifts us a mix that reflects and opitmises the party's eclectic and varied output.

In celebration of their anniversary on September 7, 8 & 9, Horst present an extra day & a third stage. In their own words, "HORST is & has always been the sum of its people."

Join them for one final dance, grab your tickets here: www.residentadvisor.net/events/1101584