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Harrison BDP - Speeding [Piff Records]

Aptly named, Piff return with their fifth offering, this time with a digital only Various Artists Compilation featuring those who have been closely associated to the imprint since it's inception. This lovely little package flaunts vibe laden joints from household names, such as @dialogg, @blobloblo, @ebenrees, @cassettesforkids, @two-tail, @slimhustlaxxx, @harrisonbdp, and @jwyatt.

This feature premiere's Harrison BDP, with 'Speeding' - a hard hitting mid-set cruncher, and the perfect candidate for turning up the heat in the proverbial room. Typical to the welshman's hallmark sound, this cut is anchored by clean and sharp percussion yet littered with old school nuances and a growling bass-line which lift this far beyond your typical house pumper.