Producer and inimitable DJ, Grant first caught our eye via his first encounter with the ever abundant and eternally flavoursome, Lobster Theremin with his hugely well revered release 'Cranks' on their sub-label, Mörk. Catching the peepers of just about every aggregator around and receiving plaudits a-plenty, he soon followed up with, 'No Lights' on mainstay, LT's 36th offering. Ironically, this record acted as a light of sorts; at a time when the sonisphere was awash with saturation for saturations sake and rehashed YouTube ripped R&B samples, Grant's refreshingly uplifting and punchy production style shone through. Ever since, we've kept a firm eye on the frenchman's movements and are now supremely privileged enough to host an hour long sonic journey from the man.

Grant takes the Four Heads mix machine for a lovely countryside sojourn. We take in all the scenery; a babbling brook, a hill over yonder, wildlife is all around, life is good. Grant's signature stripped back, delicately intricate sunny house-y sound is a real treat when taking in the scenery, he’s tender, caring and knowledgeable behind the controls - which bodes well for the trip, and also for the FH mix machine of course, who hasn’t been treated with this care and attention for some time.