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Girls of The Internet - U Already Know (12 DISCO MIX)[Drab Queen]

Hot on the heels of ‘Humble’, live electronic collective Girls of the Internet continue their winning formula of forward-thinking club tracks laced with a dose of future facing soul for this four track E.P.

‘U Already Know’, invites NYC based rising star Jitwam to guest with the enigmatic troupe. Exuding a psychedelic soulfulness through his vocals, he brings a certified, yet hazy, swagger to the track. Capturing the bands live nature, chunky bass, crunched up percussion, thumping kicks and resonating chords blend with elasticated synths and tactile sounds that spring through the brain. As potent storming the clubs, as it will be taking over the radio waves, it's a sunstruck swirl of charisma. For those that want the power of the animated instrumentation alone, there’s an instrumental version to quench the thirst.

‘U Already Know’ showcases Girls Of The Internet’s ability to seamlessly blend genres, weaving them into creative tracks that strive to go against the norm and offer something inspirational and invigorating for the mind, body and soul.

Artist: @girlsoftheinternet