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G2S - Bounce [Sampling As An Art]

French dusty house maestro G2S is back on the scene after his never-getting-old EP 'Check Dat Hiss' and a couple of classy collaborations on his own imprint In Any Case Records last year. But, we've got some sad news to share with you - speaking to Theo recently, he admitted that 'Bounce' may be his last track of this kind. Whilst his passions still very much lie with funky, head-nodding vibes, he's taking a bit of time to drift away from his usual house beats to focus on something a little bit different. Having immersed himself in mainly Jazz-Funk and Fusion records of late, I'm sure whatever that something is, it'll be special.

If this is to be his last track with his trademark house feel, then highly regarded French label S3A is surely the ideal home for it. G2S has perfected the art of sampling and this one, part of a 4 track offering alongside Felipe Gordon, Sweely and S3A himself, makes no exceptions. A heavy kick is spread thick with Rhodes, sprinkled with sax and punctuated by a mean, bouncing bass line. A real classy production.

We are as excited by what could come next from Theo as we are sad that this may be the last we hear of his dulcet, dusty tones. Watch this space!