fede lng

Fede Lng returns to the ever illusive FH control room, this time seductively flicking the crossfader as himself and not as self-run label conglomerate, Axe on Wax. With more imprints than most people have pals, It's easy to forget the mans talent as a producer and selector.

For those not in the know, Axe On Wax are a label with a habit for unearthing fresh talent such as Trudge and Sonder, while delivering heat from household names such as Chaos in the CBD, DJ Aakmael and Andres. Additionally, Fede’s side imprint Axe Traxx, continues to act as a conduit to the underground providing tasty offerings from heads such as Jad & The, Tape Hiss, Trudge and Kirk the Flirt - to name a few. If that wasn't enough for him, the busy Italian formed 'PNP' - a raw edits label providing vitamin D saturated cuts, hand picked to light up any dance-floor, at any time. 

Back to the matter in hand, this hour long mixtape reminds us all of the mastermind behind the AOW enterprise. Expect a sonic tasting menu of; tartare raw cuts, ghost pepper heat and salt-fish soul. Thank-you chef, Fede.