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Ethyene - A Baddington Pear [Moonrise Hill Material]

It’s been a little while since Ethyene gave us the nudge that there might be an LP coming from him on Moonrise Hill Material - the well-loved label he started up alongside his French pals Folamour, Kaffe Crème and Okwa. Since then, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the tracks (and sending the odd message here and there asking when the hell it was finally going to drop). We knew full well that if what we’d been offered up from both the label (don’t get us started on Folamour’s album again) and Ethyène recently was anything to go by, we’d be in for a real treat. Well, we weren’t wrong…

Brotherly Love is a perfectly curated journey. An effervescent mix of the artist’s many musical tones that we’ve grown so fond of. We’ll probably run a full-length review once we’ve got our hands on the vinyl, because it doesn’t seem quite right to break up the magic and talk about just one song. But, for now, we give you ‘A Baddington Pear’.

This track is a little off-kilter, and not exactly what you’d have in mind when you’re talking about Ethyène’s usual output. He’s not shy about letting his love for Hip Hop and Rnb shine through, though, and this laid back, downbeat vibe complements the other B-side offerings pretty damn well.

The disco & soul inspired samples, and the addictive, filtered vocals that are a staple in his house offerings work seamlessly here with the heavy kick and jazz-club cymbals. It feels like we’ve simply transposed Ethyene’s sonic personality from one genre to another and this fluidity between musical styles has to be applauded – it’s a big reason we love this album so much.

Go get this when it’s out, guys.