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Eluize & La Fraicheur - Alle [Bermuda Series]

Connected via Berlin’s feminist collective Mint in 2015, La Fraicheur and Eluize’s paths continued to cross on festival and club line-ups across the country. Sharing mutual love for the dance floor and sparkling conversation, their production pairing was inevitable.

Written in a studio on the outskirts of Berlin in stolen moments during one of the city's fleeting but electric summers, “Alle” combines the pair’s sonic predilections for building, euphoric and emotion-driven tracks. Frenzied hats, cavernous claps and a thumping kick lay a sturdy
foundation for hazy synthesised voices and menacing church bells teased out of a Roland JV2080 to move between quivering acid tones and churning synth lines.

Artist: @Eluize, @La-Fraicheur
Label: @nighttideaudio