@Doppelate first caught our attention with his smooth as ever debut EP 'Wash it Out' on Let's Go Swimming - an imprint and party series in which he co-run's with fellow pals, William Earl, Mackness and Henry Fry. Since, he has had a smattering of offerings which have really hit the spot, with a beautifully chilled return to LGS and a recent acid intoxicated cameo on Munich label, Slam City Jams latest VA. Doppelate's sound has remained true througout our admirership (new word), with production as clean as a dogs pipe and a sound as accomplished as a retired flute. In short - we really like Doppelate.

This mixtape is a real x-ray of the artists connection with dance music. Futuristic mechnanic textures reverberate throughout the hour-and-a-bit, meandering towards and away from the dance floor. Go with Doppelate - It's a journey well worth embarking on.