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JVXTA - Dive Theme [Distant Hawaii]

Dj Kush Boogie; an enigmatic and mysterious entity in which all we know of their existence is the alias comprises of two talented producers, supposedly from the southern hemisphere. The mystery surrounding the release bears no real surprise - this being their third in the series of supposedly unmarked offerings seemingly via London stalwart, Lobster.

Regarding the important thing here; the music, the series and this release alone is truly outstanding and standalone in it's approach. Those quick to judge may be inclined to pop the NZ duo in the 'lofi' box - however, it's so much more than that. Gristly saturation and glitched percussion shrouds the release as a whole, yet the club and floor remain at the core of each tracks aura. 'Dancers Cut' is no exception, anchored by sanguine keys, a bullish bass line and swathing vocal sweeps - all shelled by hallmark Kush twitched percussion and topped with a flute motif, catchier than the plague.