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The FH control room/mix playlist/pleasure beast has been passed around from artist to artist for many a year now. From generation to generation we’ve up kept the Hydra in its lair, provided it with nourishment, some meagre comforts, afforded some small treats from time to time, and the goings been good. Each time we’ve loaned it out to an artist the mix beast has been returned to us, its been in good shape - until now.

Come through Dina; co-founder of party/collective Nachtcrew. Dina’s mix does not err on the side of caution, it doesn’t err on the side of anything, it strikes deep and true into what can only be described as the abyss. A place where the faint hearted will perish, the strong minded will likely never return and the most tenacious will never be the same, ever again. Our beloved mix beast returned battered, bruised and with a hollow look in its eyes, teeth chattering and flinching, dead inside. No fear, it’ll be fine, but beware the sensory experience the next hour can evoke in you.