New Four Heads sweetheart, the man behind the FH mix machine at this current time, aka Braga Circuit was unearthed to us a couple of moons ago through xxxy’s sour edits label. When that EP landed in our inbox, we knew B’- Circuit should be behind the mix controls ASAP, and it is only through that unwavering desire, and continued persistence that that dream has become a reality.

(PS if you haven’t listened to that new EP, you really should ASAP, it’s been getting a criminal amount of airtime recently).

Some lovely more mellow soundscapes in this one, quite easy for a person to lose themselves completely with the ebbs and flows between tracks. As I write this on the train, meandering towards FH HQ, one can find themselves in quite a serene state, I’d go with it and let it happen, as when this mix goes in it increases to a raucous crescendo.