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Blair Sound Design - Fern Cube [Bouquet Records]

To launch their new record label, the guys at Bouquet. launch with a V/A compiling compelling and unusual tracks from both new and established artists, some that we know but all that we'll love. True to their namesake, Boquet offers up different shapes and shades and colours of music that went together pleasingly and cohesively. For this, they turned to a good friend and sonic florist, Caffeine Worldwide, who curated the compilation - a bit like Moonpig do for your marge on Mothers Day.

To create this stunning, aromatic bunch, they scoured Soundcloud for new artists, harassed friends and reached out to everyone they knew. Eight months and a thousand Facebook messages later, it’s finally ready for all to rinse. We're lucky to host @BlairSoundDesign's, Fern Cube - which is one of the most colourful varieties of the arrangement, bringing fun party vibes, right to your lug holes.

Grab the whole thing from their Bandcamp, here:…ne-worldwide