Jungle Gym Records

jungle gym.jpg

Next incoming for our Label Mix Series, Seattle based @Jungle-Gym-Records - with a mix stacked high of strictly their own produce. Known for their borderline ambient take on house music, the guys behind the wheel at JG have achieved an almost unparalleled output of releases (14 so far in 2017) each of which, dripping in their trademark style and encased in beautifully crafted tape art.

The sheer size of their catalog has enabled them to weave together an hour long mixtape of 100% Jungle Gym. When have you ever had 100% something? Increasingly, “100%” is falling by the wayside. Everything is “can’t believe it’s not butter”, disingenuous and “logos in the foam” shite - well, no more. The mix swings smoothly from track to track like an expert level kid on playground apparatus. A nonchalant selection along with a hazy vibe encapsulate the Jungle Gym way.