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Asquith - Hot Hot [Lobster Theremin]

Asquith, Catswith or just Jimmy. A man you'll no doubt be familiar with through his diligent service to your favourite sonic seafood supper, Lobster Theremin. Alas, the mans talents span beyond the required acumen to build and sustain such an industry stronghold. Those of you in the know will be aware of his musical ability through the more ambient alias Tom Hang and the warehouse dance-floor ready, Chicago Floatation Device. However, of late, Jimmy has been littering the sonisphere with strictly bangers for our enjoyment via his actual name alias, Asquith.

This one is called 'Hot Hot' - a certified floor weapon which skirts the border of being club tool, yet holding the esteem of a full bodied banger. A devastating bottom end is amalgamated with glitched percussion which - along with the near percussive vocal stabs - violently slice and slash through the mix. Put it this way, you're not listening to this in the car with your mum but bring her to the club and listen to it there?