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Ari Bald - I Survived Barcelona [Better Listen]

Ari Bald is back on Better Listen Records more than a year on from the disco-tinged house masterclass that was his ‘Moonshiner’ EP. Since that release Ari has had a few tracks out on various V/A’s, which have shown a distinct change in direction. Less sample-based music, more hardware usage and a deeper, more minimalistic sound.

So, on his return to BLR, are we going to see this new vibe continue? We spoke to BLR head honcho Martín, who does think that this new EP ‘Karlaplan’ is different to ‘Moonshiner’. “It’s mixed better, mastered better and the drums are better”, he said. At its core though, this EP is a return to the sample-heavy Ari Bald that has come before, and we love it just as much as we did then.

The record EP opens up with ‘I Survived Barcelona’. Carefully curated brass and keys samples glide over typically BLR percussion, which makes the most of heavy kicks and perfectly placed hi-hats to create a beat that’s straight 4/4 in some places and jazz club breakbeat in others.

This is dancefloor-ready disco house at its finest but, as with all of our favourite Ari Bald tracks, it’s the vocals that sets this one apart from the crowd. Filtering in and out throughout, they’re catchy, quirky and cool; the perfect partner to the overall production.

More Ari please, Better Listen!

Out on 7th December