It’s a question that’s consumed us all year. When we wake, when we eat, when we sleep. After incessant deliberation, we’ve concluded the following – a little bit like ‘Who is God?’, ‘What is self?’ – 'Susan' is you!! Whether you can see it yet is irrelevant. They are here. You are here. We are all here. Coexisting in this succession of moment’s we call ‘reality’.

The most important thing in this moment though is the heads at @whos-susan have put together an hour-n’-twenty of gorgeous dancefloor textures for your enjoyment. Oscillation’s between sultry and hardbodied fragments of their record collection ensure your mild addiction for vibes is fueled throughout. It’s hot in here – Susan’s arrived – you’ve arrived… Okay we’ll stop with the reference now – enjoy x


FYI keep your eyes peeled for WS’s forthcoming bits with Axe on Wax honcho @fede-lng & @deejayastralon the next one!