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Next into the FH Mix Series is rising talent, and gifted selector: Alexis.

After making her start as an assistant and resident at Peckham’s Balamii Radio, Alexis found herself at the centre of a network of international influences whose orbit equipped her with the requisite skills for club fluency. Expect each set to manifest as an onslaught of groove-laced techno, electro, EBM and house, as resistant to trend as criticism.

Clearly, the takeoff is Alexis’ career is imminent; a Noods resident fresh from appearances alongside Objekt, Batu, Ryan Elliot, Paramida and many more, she’s a breath of fresh air in an environment where stagnancy means staleness.

A few words from Alexis herself: “I wanted this mix to give a slight snapshot into what I’ve been playing out at the moment in terms of style. I aimed to start with selections that I would play towards the start of the night and then work my way up in terms of BPM and intensity. I also strived to choose music that I’ve found has some more interesting textural and percussive elements as well as sound design elements.

I recorded a few versions in the process of making this and decided to scrap my first plans altogether and start again with a completely new tracklist, and then, luckily, recorded it live in one take. I only create my mixes by doing them live at the moment, it gives something more raw and emotive in a way with that touch of a human element.”

Alexis: @alexis_andrews